TBD Demand our leaders don’t ignore the Climate Emergency

We’re going to show coal-loving politicians some real #GreyPower, keep the climate emergency and #StopAdani on the Federal election radar.
We’ll help move votes in crucial marginal seats while we’re at it! 
We’ll be taking ACTION in 3 marginal LNP electorates, HigginsBrisbane and Kooyong. We’ll also pressure political parties to disclose all their ministerial, staffer and party meetings with Adani and their lobbyists BEFORE people go to the polls.
They’ll never know where we turn up next!


Grey Power will be doing some bolder actions throughout the 50 days leading up to the election. These will be planned together with those interested.


Everywhere Trevor or Josh is, so are we….
If we learn that Trevor or Josh (or a visiting Cabinet minister) is out and about on any particular day, we want to be there, asking important questions and having a road-side presence with our safe climate message. For some strange reason nobody knows, this is commonly called Bird Dogging.


Rapid Response Team
We will have a Rapid Response Team that will be ‘on call’ to mobilise for tantalising Bird Dogging opportunities. Being on this team means you’ll receive a text message with action details, and if you are able, you then attend. The bigger this team, the bolder the Bird Dog!


Roadside Protest
We will have a visual presence during peak hour traffic outside of Trevor or Josh’s office, along with handing out flyers designed to move the votes of soft Liberal supporters. 


Voter Engagement
We’ll be out and about in the Brisbane and Kooyong (Melbourne) electorates, with a visual roadside presence and handing out “Vote4Climate” flyers.


Phone Action
Come together with other Grey Power folk to make some calls to various electoral offices to have a ‘chat’ about our climate emergency.


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